Friday, March 23, 2012

Make Cash Online Right Now

The best way to make cash online right now is be either selling your own products, selling other people's products, or by using Adsense. Welcome, weary Internet searchers seeking financial independence using the net. Your thirst for knowledge will be quenched on this website as I lay out the complete, true, most effective method to make money online.

Affiliate Method

For beginners, the latter two methods are recommended. Selling other people's products makes you an affiliate. It is as easy as signing up to an affiliate network, choosing a product to promote, getting the affiliate link, and posting that link in a high traffic targeted area. The hard part is the high traffic targeted area in terms of locating one.

Correct affiliate technique

To be a really good affiliate, you should not post your link anywhere and everywhere. This will make you a spammer. It is much classier and profitable to create your own site and then place your links there. The goal of your site should be to help people. Then when your visitors see you are helping them and gaining trust, they are more inclined to click on your affiliate links and purchase the item you are suggesting.

It is also suggested to use the services of a good auto-responder program on your site to capture leads or visitors to your site. This simply means you will give them something free, usually a report, in exchange for their email. You will sell them slowly by email. This is how professional internet marketers do it.

 The picture below is a link to book on Amazon called "How I Made My First Million on the Internet". If you click on it and then purchase the book or anything on Amazon for up to 24 hours (See what I wrote on Amazon below), I will get 6% commission on it. This is how affiliate marketing really works. It's about being honest and building trust and then gently selling.

Creating Adsense Sites Technique

To make money with Adsense will also require you to have your own site which you will bring traffic to by choosing a high demand, low competition niche and then using keywords and backlinks to rank well in search engines.

Key Steps Involved in Affiliate Marketing

1. Select a Niche
2. Find profitable keywords around the Nice
3. Build a website with keyword search engine optimization and original content in mind.
4. Capture leads(visitors to your site) via auto-responder(program which sends out emails)
5. Monetize your site and emails with carefully placed affiliate links.
6. Build links in terms of quality and quantity to gain search engine rank but don't do it too fast.

Selecting a Niche

It is recommended to choose a niche ( which is a very small part of a larger area) that you know. The best way to do this is take a paper or open the word processor and write down all the things you know. You may be surprised at what you know. Some things that may come up are auto repair, socializing, servicing computers, marketing, customer service, child rearing, etc.

From these large areas, you will choose niches or sub-areas of which there is not much information or competition on the internet. Lower competition means you can rank higher or even number one without much effort. This combined with enough demand can lead to traffic which can be converted to profit. This is done with keyword research. 

Keyword Research

There are many paid tools which are good for doing keyword research quickly but one of the best free tools for doing keyword research manually is provided with the Google Keyword tool. With this tool, you can simply type a keyword and bunch of related keywords some or which are niche areas come up.

 For each keyword, the tool will list local and global demand, the price per click, how well it does each month(how evergreen it is), and also commercial interest. From this information we will select profitable keywords. The are the ones with higher demand (5,000 or more hits per month), at least a dollar a click, the competition field should be mid or high showing commercial interest, and make sure the demand is steady each month (make sure the green bars are pretty even and high throughout the whole year).

Original Content is King

Google said best themselves in that they want people to produce original content and not just recycled stuff over and over. This begs the question "How do I create original content?"  An easy way is to take something that already exists and put a different spin on it. For example, Wikipedia has a list of names for military vehicles. A quick search online shows no-one has done a list of military vehicle names which are also animal names. I made the list and turned into a video and it is doing quite well. One tips is to keep a mini-note-pad and small pencil with you at all times to catch a great idea you may forget later. You never know when a good idea may sneak up on you.

There are also article spinning software which takes an original article and changes words around so it seems like a new article. This seems like a lazy way to recycle old information. Most people who use this kind of software often find they need to edit things manually as a result of sentences just not making any sense.